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currently not accepting new clients 🤍

Hey friend, I'm Bri – brand designer, creative strategist, and your biz's new biggest fan. 👋  I've carried many titles over the past decade in the design industry. But this spot right here, where my fellow founders trust me to help bring their brand dreams to life, feels like home.

I've always been a passionate, busy creative. My hands in everything.


Art class, poetry competitions, and then came high school yearbook club. Interviews, leading a team, casting vision, designing layouts, taking photos, writing articles. In college, I naturally had 6 part-time jobs and internships all at once. Then I landed my DREAM design job for an ad agency. Working on multi-million dollar ad campaigns for international brands. High pressure pitches with big shot people.


It was fun... until it wasn't.  I realized I loved the hustle, but I was missing the heart. 

Endless drive to make the world better through design.

Bri Koch Creative by Leah Pieper

I've created many things, but there's nothing like witnessing firsthand the fire of a founder who has their sights set on what they want to build. They aren't afraid of dreaming big, but they know when to delegate so they can dream even bigger.​

At BKC, I have the great honor and privilege of working alongside passionate business owners with the guts to dream. The scrappy ones who put their whole heart into what they do and use their unique gifts for the good of others. With my multi-disciplinary background, I'm able to lighten their creative load while helping to boost their clarity and confidence through my strategy-first approach.

I've partnered with over 50 founders to creatively tell their stories. I hope you'll be next.

The dreams you have for your business matter to me.

Bri Koch Creative by Leah Pieper
Bri Koch Creative by Leah Pieper

Some other things you should know about me:

  • I spent 5 years as an art director in ad agencies and have been a freelancer for 10 years.

  • I'm based in Omaha, Nebraska but serve clients across the country.

  • I'm the Type A type, Enneagram 1 if you will. I don't get lost in my art because I'm too strategic and structured... but I still have fun, alright? It's called balance.

  • INFJ – "Nothing lights up Advocates like changing someone else’s life for the better."

  • I use my top strengths Relator, Strategic, Connectedness, and Developer on a daily basis to build deep relationships with my client, spot patterns and opportunities in their business, and develop creative solutions to help them reach their goals.

  • I'm married to Bryce. I'm mama to my boy, T.

  • Double shot of Blonde espresso with a heavy splash of oat milk. And maybe a pump of something sweet if I'm having an ambitious design day.

  • My love for Jesus and my deep dependency on Him keep me alive and breathing and creating every single day. I'm convinced He's the best thing out there.

Bri Koch Creative by Leah Pieper

Drop me a note so we can chat soon.

Now I'm dying to know YOU!

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